Student's Perspective

The focus at practical training at RIT is the advantage of studying here. The availability of quality teachers in various subjects results in better learning in all aspects of education. Studying here has not only sharpened my academic acumen but at the same time has also injected in me the confidence and eagerness to perform well.
Shipra Sharma
M.Sc. (Home Science) (2018-20)


The encouragement and persuasion of the faculties at RIT develops the hidden potential of a student. The focus of the faculties on the students is of paramount nature. Special focus on physical fitness apart from the normal coursework makes studying here more enjoyable.
Ashutosh Vashisht
B.P.E.S. (2017-20)


RIT have made me aware of my potential and competence as a learner by providing numerous opportunities to apply my classroom learning. The holistic approach towards learning has enabled my all round development. Participation in various activities has imbibed team spirit, enhanced teamwork capabilities and improved our commitment level.
Jacky Saini
B.J.M.C. (2018-21)


At RIT, every student is pushed hard and given attention and is encouraged to contribute. The dedication and the commitment level of the faculty here make learning easy. They are always ready to guide us through their rich corporate experience and expertise.
Narayan Singh
M.B.A. (2017-19)


While studying at Rudra Institute of Technology I realized that I can achieve my desired goal. The dedication, support, guidance and motivation of the faculty members and staff are remarkable and it enables students to design and execute their plans to transform their dreams into reality.
Divya Bhiduri
B.Sc. (Home Science) (2016-19)


My years of studying at Rudra have helped me to prioritize my focus areas. Activities like Business Plans and Paper Presentations have exposed students to new ideas and initiatives. Working in small groups under a tutor developed mutual understanding and good relationship. I am always grateful to my college and faculties for their wholehearted support.
Vithal Tomar
M.B.A. (2017-19)


Studying at RIT is a unique and enriching experience. It is not only the quality of academics but the more meaningful part is the imparting of values and discipline in life. What I have learned in just few months would have otherwise taken years to learn.
Prerna Jainer
B.B.A. (2017-20)


I am learning a lot of things from my respected faculty members at RIT. They are the source of encouragement and have ignited the inquisitiveness in me to constantly explore and stay updated. They continuously motivate us to participate and perform in the various activities held round the year. These activities act as platforms for learning while doing.
Amanpreet Singh
B.B.A. (2018-21)


I am entirely a transformed person after I took admission at Rudra Institute of Technology. The activity based learning in the college with a blend of theory and practice, highlighting into contemporary issues, help us to keep on our toes by getting an opportunity to involve in the crux of the matter.
Anshi Nagar
B.J.M.C. (2017-20)


Learning becomes easier at RIT as all the faculties are very knowledgeable, committed and friendly and are always ready to lend a hand. Industrial Visits and practical opportunities presented by the institute act as stepping stone for the corporate world.
Himanshu Chaudhary
B.C.A. (2017-20)


The best part of learning at RIT is that we get to do it by ourselves. Activities like Cafeteria, Fashion Show, Textile Exhibition, Rudra MasterChef, Decoration competition and the likes makes learning fun and also make us realize where we stand.
B.Sc. - Home Science (2016-19)


Being a student of BPES, I always craved for action. That is exactly what I have got at RIT. Regular participation in National, University and College level competitions, visits to places like various Centres of Excellence for Sports at State and National Level along with regular Yoga sessions apart from various sporting action in the campus has been a exhilarating experience for me.
Abhishek Bhadana
B.P.E.S. (2016-19)


The teaching methods at RIT have brought my creativity in the forefront. The umpteen opportunities for practical lessons and their proper execution make learning easy. We are all encouraged to take our learning beyond the campus into the realm of the society.
Monika Poswal
M.Sc. (Home Science) (2018-20)


Itís all about educational excellence at RIT. The disciplined life at the campus adds a new dimension to life. RIT is not only about academic excellence but about inclusive development. Life at RIT is a perfect mixture of classroom learning, activity based learning, social contribution and values.
Waseem Saifi
B.Com. (2018-21)


The practical exposure along with classroom sessions is the highlight of learning process at Rudra Institute of Technology. Round the year activities held at the institute gives a platform to enhance my skills and abilities. The sustained effort of the teachers here are highly influential when it comes to supporting each and every student to achieve their best.
B.Sc. (Microbiology) (2018-21)


Rudra Institute of Technology is one of the best institutes in the region as it is where education seeks the reality. Its full fledged infrastructure, experienced faculty, ample exposure through practical approach is unmatched. Education here helps us to grow robust to withstand the expectations of the industry.
Sonali Saini
B.Sc. (Maths) (2016-19)


The best part of learning at RIT is the focus on learning through activities. The well equipped lab and regular practical sessions makes learning easier.
B.Sc. (Bio) (2018-21)


The numerous opportunities that we get to test our knowledge as a part of our coursework is the biggest positive for me at Rudra Institute of Technology. The teachers always push us to put that extra effort.
Karishma Tyagi
D.El.Ed. (2016-18)


I took admission with an objective of getting holistic education, which in future I can instill in my students. After a year, I can say that my choice of college has paid off. At RIT, I have learned the virtues of life.
B.Ed. (2018-20)


The professional teaching methodology and the approach of the faculties even while teaching in traditional course has made learning very easy and interesting. I am really indebted to my teachers for making learning a fun.
B.Com (2016-19)


The various workshops held at regular intervals helps us to understand the intricacies of the subjects in a better way. The teachers always motivate us to participate in such events and promote the practical approach of learning.
D.El.Ed. (2017-19)


The most amazing thing about the teachers here at RIT is that they develop interest in subjects so that learning becomes easy for the students.
B.A. (2016-19)


RIT is an institute that provides ample opportunities to the students which help them to grow in knowledge and wisdom. It creates an enthusiasm in the students to explore and learn more.
Shidra Haseen
B.Sc. (Biotechnology) (2018-21)


RIT possesses all the qualities of an a good educational institution. It has excellent faculty members whose constant pursuit for improvement rubs off the studentsí. I believe that education enlightens young minds and it can only be imparted in a disciplined environment encouraging healthy thought process. RIT looks out to impart excellent education and come out with bright careers so as to shape our future in best possible manner.
Lovekaran Singh
B.Sc. (Math) (2018-21)


RIT made me realize my potential by enhancing my skills, experience, and exposure, all for the betterment of my career. I feel that I have converted my weaknesses into stength.
Vandana Brijlane
B.Sc. (Home Science) (2017-20)


The biggest positive for me at RIT is the hours that I am made to put in the field. Being a student of agriculture, there is no other way to learn more than to do it yourself and at RIT regular practical sessions at the field has made to understand the nuances of agriculture more.
Devendra Kumar
B.Sc. (Ag.) (2018-21)

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