Sports Facilities

In consensus with the Fit Indian Movement, Rudra institute of Technology believes that Healthy youth will lead a healthy nation. We ensure a sound body and mind, students are given special attention on health and fitness. The institute has built excellent infrastructure to harness learners' potential in cultural and sports activities.
It provides dedicated space for several sports and recreational facilities such as a volleyball court, badminton court, Table Tennis, cricket ground and athletics tracks, etc. We are proud to have quite a few states-level players who have played in the Nationals. Games, sports and athletics directly contribute to physical development of students, other co-curricular activities also indirectly contribute to it. These activities provide a useful channel for the growth and development of the body. We provide special coaching for them so that they make our nation proud.

GYMNASIUM- Fitness and Wellness

A healthy body is the habitation of a healthy mind, according to this proverb. All students and staff have access to the gymnasium granted by Rudra Group of Institutions. In accordance with the above proverb saying, a professionally managed atmosphere is developed for the students, and both physical and mental health play a crucial role in ensuring their overall wellbeing. To fulfil the objective of all round development of the students, the campus is equipped with an in-house advanced gymnasium. The love for fitness helps students develop healthy habits that will accompany them through life. Additionally, counselling and advice sessions are occasionally held for the students to help them comprehend their academic, peer, or personal issues. Consequently, giving the students with both physical and cerebral nutrition. It is being advised to the students to take their time out and equip themselves with the world class facilities which is being provided in the campus, this not only boosts the students with healthy habits increasing the power of stamina both mentally and physically. This relaxes the state of mind and makes the student ready for future challenges. This helps in students growth and development.