Career Development Center


In today’s unique, post-Covid job market, finding a full-time role after graduation can seem a daunting task. Now, more than ever, internships for college students are essential elements of career preparation. Hands-on experience is just as important as coursework for those looking to make a smooth transition into the global workforce. An internship is the perfect opportunity to explore future career options, and to begin to build both a portfolio and a professional network. We offer both remote and in-person college internships, designed to align with a job market that is increasingly diverse. For graduates, it can take several years to build up a strong CV or resume. Of course, the more professional experience you have to complement your degree, the more valuable you are to potential employers. Those who complete internships, whether remote or in an office, while still in college are a step ahead of the competition, and have CVs that boast the professional experience so many recent graduates lack.