Student Feedback

The focus at practical training at Rudra Institutions of Technology is the advantage of studying here has not only sharpened my academic acumen but at the same time has also injected in me the confidence and eagerness to perform well.
Arya Kumar
M.Sc. AG. (Horticulture)

What I like the most about Rudra Institutions of Technology is the effort that faculties put to develop the hidden potential of a student. The practical example and cases discussed in the class help us to understand the theory in a better way.

It is not only the subject knowledge that I have learned here, the environment at the college inculacated values and ethics in my life. Rit enhanced my understanding of the corporate requisite and I am sure I will stand in good stead.
M.Sc (Physics)

Rudra institute of Technology has given an opportunities to explore the real, corporate world through seminars, conference, guest lectures and industrial visits. It has been great experience being a part of such institutions which has provided us with quality education.

The dedication, support, guidance and motivation of the faculty members and staff are remarkable and it enables students to design and execute their plans to transform their dreams into reality.
Manish Dhama

Studies at RIT is unique and enriching experience. What I have learn in just few months would have otherwise taken year to learn.

Ujjawal Chaudhary
B.Sc (Home science)

Rit has been a source of inspiration for me. Teachers here continuously chase the students to put their learning’s into action.


The best part of learning at RIT is that we get to do it by ourselves. Activities like cafeteria, cooking without fire, Textile exhibition, decoration competition and the likes makes learning fun and also make us realize where we stand.
B.Sc (Home science)

Being a student of BPES, I am always a part of action through regular participation in National, University, and college level competition, visits to places like Various centre of excellence for sports at state and National level.
Ishika Garg

The teaching method of RIT have brought my creativity in the forefront. The umpteen opportunities for practical lessons and their proper execution makes learning easy.
M.Sc (Home Science)

The disciplined life at Rudra adds a new dimension to life. Rudra not only about academic excellence, it serves a perfect mixture of classroom learning, activity based learning, social contribution and values.
Anupriya Yadav
M.Sc (Dairy Sci. & Tech.)

I have got equal exposure to theoretical and practical learning at Rudra Institute of Technology. Round the year activities held at the institute gives s platform to enhance my skills and abilities.

Rudra Institute of Technology is one of the best institute in the region as it is where education seeks the reality. Its full fledged infrastructure, experienced faculty, ample exposure through practical approach is unmatched.
Sumit Kumar

The best part of learning at Rudra is the focus on learning through activities. The well equipped labs and regular practical sessions makes learning easier.

The numerous opportunities that we get to test our knowledge as a part of our coursework is the biggest positive for me at Rudra Institute of Technology.

At Rudra , the focus is on values and discipline. Being a student of education, it is crucial for me to learn the values of life as I have to inculcate them into my students.

The most amazing thing about the teachers here at Rudra is that develop interest in subject so that learning becomes easy for the students.

The professional teaching methodology and the approach of the faculties even while teaching in traditional course has made learning very easy and interesting.
Shashank Tyagi

All faculties are very knowledgeable, committed and friendly and are always ready to lend a hand. Industrial visits and practical opportunities presented by institute act as stepping stone for the corporate world.