Recognising the importance of technology in education, is well-equipped with IT facilities. Rudra Instittute of Technology uses IT to provide a competitive advantage in its core areas of education and research. There are 50+ ICT enabled class rooms and 20+ smart class rooms with high end audio system, Smart Projector for hassle-free digital education, and fully Wi-Fi enabled campus with high-speed internet facility, for seamless and uninterrupted connectivity. The IT-facilities of some of the departments includes Computers, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Projectors, Software programs, Interactive Teaching box, Digital Camera, Photocopier, Pen drives, Android mobile phones for capturing photos, make videos, etc.

The Institute has a robust and vibrant IT policy. The policy aims at providing uninterrupted services to all stakeholders. Viz. faculty, officers, staff and students. Rudra Instittute of Technology provide e-contents (Audio, Video and pdf study materials) available at college website, and Online classes via google classroom, google meet, zoom etc. All the academic buildings are completely wi-fi enabled. During the lockdown due to Covid pandemic, classes were held on-line for students across all programmes.

•  Save time for educators by effortlessly designing courses, scheduling classwork, distributing exams, and exchanging rich feedback using Classroom and
•  Assignments Use syllabi and a comment bank to ensure uniform, transparent grading and feedback.
•  Help educators reduce workloads by publishing and scheduling coursework in Classroom and creating to-do lists